IBS & IECSC 2018 – Day 1

Post by Hassan of the Digital Merit Staff

Today, I covered day 1 of the IBS NY 2018 as a member of the press. This is my fourth year in raw covering this great event including last year which marked its 100th anniversary. I also covered the International Esthetics Cosmetics Spa Show. The two show were hosted side by side in the Javits Center in Manhattan, New York City.

These two annual events combined is the largest gathering of Beauty Professionals who attend  as educators, vendor, and pros who are seeking new education an networking opportunities as well as new tools and products that can take their career to the next level.

Today the crowd was very large, probably the largest I witnessed in the last four years. The main stage had presentation by beauty stars such Martin Parson who did several updos in very skillful and entertaining manner and Nick Arrojo who did with his team several modern haircuts including some razor cuts.

This year I vendors offering improved traditional products such below driers, clippers, and hair extensions for examples. I also saw new products in the market. One new products in particular that attracted my attention was a small machine that according to the representatives of the company is capable of removing split ends from hair quickly and efficiently. I saw a life demonstration of its application and it appeared to me to be working as advertised. But, I would like to read more review on it before purchasing one for my business.

In my walk through the halls, I met many vendors and get to try their products including the new model of hair dryer by Turbo Power, and improved version of the MiraCurl power curler by Babyliss which has a steamer built in it.

Myriad of products and vendors were everywhere who were eager to demonstrate to attendees the use of their products and explain their benefits to the beauty professionals.

In the IECSC was filled with Spa and Wellness vendors and estheticians, and I got to see life demonstrations of tanning, waxing, and facial mask application and hear all the benefits of services that are offered at the conference. Including an anti-aging new product that I heard about for the first time that is made with some caviar ingredients. Also, observed and new way of trimming brows using small scissors which may or may not be followed by waxing the perimeters of the brow. Furthermore, I saw an interesting product being sold at the conference which I have to admit that it is true part of cosmetology in my opinion which is made of silicone-type materials which is designed to enhance the left and/or argument the size of the breast. It can be used a padding in the brows or as an integral brow set.

Martin Parson
Martin Parson on Main Stage.


Nick Arrojo
Nick Arrojo performing a razor cut on Main Stage.

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